Barbell Brigade Address:
646 Gibbons Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Phone Number:


Barbell Brigade

Gym Features

  • 12 Squat Racks
  • 11 Flat/Incline Benches
  • 4 Deadlift Platforms
  • 2 Olympic Platforms
  • 5-200 lb Dumbbells
  • Bumper and Metal Plates
  • Hamstring Curl/Leg Extension Machine
  • Olympic Bars and Plates
  • 80 Feet of Turf
  • 118 ft of Pull Up Bars and Monkey Bars
  • Cable Crossover Machine
  • Gymnastic Rings and Rope Climb
  • Glute and Ham Developer
  • Rowing Machine
  • Pit Shark
  • Chains, Bands, and all kinds of Old School and New School Training Equipment

Barbell Brigade offers the best atmosphere and equipment for any powerlifting, Olympic lifting, body building, recreational weightlifting, cross training or general fitness.  Our members also say they enjoy our open-gym format and longer hours of operation compared to most other non-commercial gyms.

Barbell Brigade is first and foremost a family; a family of great people of all types that share a unique drive to become stronger, healthier, and more confident, while remaining supportive of one another and humble.

Barbell Brigade is born out of the desire to provide a place for people who are tired of the ridiculous fees, rules, and poor atmosphere of commercial gyms; the unfriendly, ego-centric "muscle-gyms", and the outrageous price and rigid format of clubs/boxes.  We want to provide a friendly, positive, supportive atmosphere to workout that you can call home.

The Barbell Brigade family would love to meet you and we welcome you to workout with us soon!

Dominate Humbly™